The Computer image and its deamonic counterparts

...this painting of an Iguanodon pair. While the primary sense of threat in this painting arises from the bright orange of the volcano interrupting the serene blue, there is a secondary threat in the two giants, hidden in the gloom, bearing down on the tiny Hypsilophodon (itself a vibrant highlight). They are again a little shrink-wrapped, although muscular, but I am a fan of any artwork that emphasises the massive size of these animals - people seem to forget that Iguanodon was positively elephantine. The dewlaps are also a nice touch, and harken back to the earlier, kangaroo-like depictions of these animals, which invariably sported pendulous lizardy neckwear. Naturally, the forearms would also be twisted (or rather untwisted) around these days, but this is still a stunning depiction of Iguanodon.